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New Routine

It would seem that, even though I did a slightly better job at churning out some content for this blog, I’ve once again let it fall by the wayside. I’m going to blame this on video games >.>; With a lot of my friends starting new blogs as a part of various newbie blogger initiatives, […]


Changeling Lux

Here’s another skin concept I threw together: Changeling Lux. I figure this could easily tie into a sort of “Invasion of Demacia” event or story and there could be other changeling skins as well :) My second piece for this round of remembering-how-to-art already feels like a major improvement over┬áthe first, and I look forward […]


Pep Squad Lux!~

Ok… for those that don’t know me well, I have a fascination for Chibis. A fascination that causes me to draw characters from just about everything I invest any time in. Currently, that’s League of Legends. Here’s my take on a concept a friend of mine has for the character Lux, Lady of Luminescence.