About Me

RaeHi. I’m Rae. I’m a 20-something developer currently holding down a webmaster position for the city of Tulsa. My hobbies include anything creative, anything to do with computers, and especially activities that incorporate both of these things :)

I was a Computer Science and Math major. My goal is to one day be in a UI/UX architecture and design position, possibly even conducting my own consulting firm. Until then, I’ll likely be happy doing things related to user interfaces and pixels (things like web development :D).

I love putting together websites, though most of the time I either don’t use them or don’t get paid for them (whoops?). I also enjoy doing all sorts of graphic design and photography. Occasionally I will even break out the scrapbooking arsenal and make some crafts. In general I’m nearly always happy to work on small projects for schools, students, churches, small organizations, etc. for free (money tends to be a weak motivator for me; I suggest trying baked goods!).

I’m not really good at cooking, though I’m trying to learn (sort of…). I have a Russian Blue named Dmitri (also known as “Comrade Cuddlesworth”). I’ve lived in a few different places, but always in the south—I will always be a native Texan. My birthday is in February. Ramble ramble ramble.

This site ( is my personal site for various things that pop into my head or doodles that end up on post-its. If you would like to see my professional site, visit