So You Want to Play FF14 Part 2.0


Like I mentioned in Part 1, every FF14 character can level up any class in the game. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you do everything on a single character. Today’s guide assumes you’ve at least gotten into the game and leveled a little bit. I’ll be going over the details of each class across a few posts and give some tips on what you need or should grab from other classes.

One of the big things I want to emphasize in all of this is that FF14 is not a game you should try to rush. The harder you try to brute-force your way through any long-term objective in this game, the more frustrating it will be. Just find a good rhythm and got with it.


ff14-startsAs you level up your first class of choice, you should notice that some spells are unique to your class and job, and other spells can be used by other classes you level up. A good example of this is Cure, the primary Conjurer healing spell. Once you level a Conjurer to level 2, and of your other classes can choose to cross-class Cure and use it with the rest of that class’ abilities.

Other spells can be cross-classed, but only by certain other classes. Cleric Stance, the Conjurer spell that increases offensive power and decreases healing, can only be cross-classed by Scholars, the healing Job of the Arcanist class. You can choose one cross-class ability every 10 levels for a total of five abilities at level 50.

Once you reach level 10 in any class, you simply need to find the guild of the class you want to learn next:

  • Gridania: Archer, Conjurer, Lancer
  • Ul’dah: Thaumaturge, Pugilist, Gladiator
  • Limsa Lominsa: Arcanist, Marauder

Conjurer / White Mage

ff14-whmThe Conjurer, or later on White Mage, is the first healing class in the game. Conjurers tend to be a little tedious to level up because they don’t have a wealth of offensive spells to use. Once you hit level 6, remember to throw on Cleric Stance while soloing as it will boost your damage.

When you reach level 30 as a Conjurer and 15 as an Arcanist you can unlock White Mage and Presence of Mind which is a really nice casting speed boost spell. As a White Mage you can use cross-class abilities from Arcanist and Thaumaturge. The primary ones you’ll want to grab are:

  1. Swiftcast (Thaumaturge 26) – Basically required for healing
  2. Eye for an Eye (Arcanist 34) – Nice to have
  3. Virus (Arcanist 12) – Useful if there’s no Arcanists in the party
  4. Blizzard 2 (Thaumaturge 22) – Convenient AoE that applies a root and doesn’t require you to target enemies
  5. Surecast (Thaumaturge 8) – I don’t think I’ve ever used this spell, but it’s still better than the remaining options

This is also generally the order I would slot them as well, as you’ll always want to have Swiftcast available no matter what you’re doing. Running lower level dungeons will sync your level down to match the monsters, so you might actually be level 50 with all five of these spells, but if you run a dungeon that puts you at level 17, you will only have access to the first.

The other two abilities you have available to cross-class are Physic and Ruin. Physic is basically the same as your Cure spell, except that your Cure gets buffs from your passive Traits. Ruin is a spell given to Arcanists to press if they get bored between putting up their DoTs; Stone and Stone 2 will always be superior to this for you.

Arcanist / Scholar

ff14-scholarThe Arcanist is the only class in the game right now with two different jobs: Summoner and Scholar. I’m kind of going with a healer theme this post, so I’ll just talk about the Scholar path for now.

Arcanist is classified as a damage class, so they can’t run dungeons as a healer until they unlock Scholar at level 30. However, unlike Conjurers, Arcanists have quite a few offensive abilities at their disposal, including Carbuncle, a summoned pet. Scholar requires Arcanist level 30 and Conjurer level 15 and can cross-class abilities from Conjurer and Thaumaturge. The primary ones you’ll want are:

  1. Swiftcast (Thaumaturge 26) – Again, pretty much required for healing
  2. Protect (Conjurer 8) – Very useful if there’s not a Conjurer/WHM in your party
  3. Stone Skin (Conjurer 34) – Useful pre-fight shield if there’s no CNJ/WHM in your party
  4. Cleric Stance (Conjurer 6) – Good for offensive situations
  5. Aero (Conjurer 4) – A good instant cast DoT that synergizes with your offensive kit
  6. Blizzard 2 (Thaumaturge 22) – Good situational spell for healers

I realize you only get 5 cross-class abilities, but I’ve listed a few that you can choose from depending on your preferences (aside from Swiftcast—don’t choose not to have this one). If you’re not interested in leveling up a Conjurer, you could probably skip having Stone Skin; Adloquium functions as a much better in-combat shield.

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