But I Don’t Wanna!


Well it looks like writing just really isn’t my thing. I think there’s some kind of disconnect between the great ideas in my head and the words that I put down on paper (or screen).

I hate feeling like I’ve let down a friend by not being able to follow through on a commitment, but I’m really falling through with this whole Blaugust thing ._. Perhaps  my life just isn’t all that interesting right now. I’d like to think I have important opinions on games and media, but when I sit down to write it all just feels so unnecessary. Maybe I should have tried to pursue the creative writing avenue. Who knows.

At this point I’m pretty sure committing to writing something everyday is not going to be a viable reality for me. I do want to keep up with my weekly chibis in addition to posting amusing screenshots from games. I will probably even try out some creative writing at some point—that seems to be more my speed than commentary or discussion.

In any event, hope you all have a happy hump day :)

So, what do you think ?