So my friends apparently started playing FF14 again while I was in Mexico. We played for a while when it first launched (or relaunched? A Realm Reborn?), but as our group tends to do with these games we stopped playing after about three months. The game was incredibly charming, but there was a lot of grinding and effort you had to put into doing things. I had done 95% of the quests just leveling one class to max, and had FATE-grinded myself numb trying to get other up as well. At some point it felt like it was more work than I felt like putting into a game.

That being said, Square Soft has been hard at work adding in new features and polishing up some of the rough edges of the game. One of my friends went above an beyond in his attempts to lure me back, even sending me a screen shot of one our guild mates as a male Miqo’te in a swim suit (aka scantily-clad cat man (I really love their sitting animation, OK >.>)), so yesterday I resubscribed and patched up the game to give it a shot.

Immediately upon logging in I checked my mailbox and found to my great pleasure a Fat Chocobo mount. I’ve always been a fan of chocobos, but this was just over-the-top cute.



I think the thing that really draws my friends and me to FF14 is the little details in the game. I mean, look at this mount. He’s so happy and fluffy. I’m leading him around with a cabbage on a fishing rod which he is ever struggling to nom. When you jump, he wiggles into the air after the cabbage, flailing his chubby little legs. This was enough to keep my attention long enough to play the afternoon.

What ensued was reaching my personal goal of getting my Bard to 50. When I first started playing, I rolled an archer because I love playing bow classes. It was initially my goal to hit 50 as a Bard and raid as DPS, but our group only had one healer leveling up with our main group. So around level 32 I switched to power-leveling my Conjurer into a White Mage and became our groups second primary healer (8-man raid, 1-2 tanks, 2 healers, etc.).


While the White Mage artifact set is nostalgic and everything, I really love the Bard set on my character :) Plus it’s hard to keep the inner pew-pew down for long ;)

The game is still as pretty as it was when I stopped playing it. The sunsets are actually quite stunning.


If nothing else this should provide me with some unneeded distraction for the next month or so. Maybe even some more chibis :o


So, what do you think ?