Making it to the Top


So last week my family and I took a vacation to Mexico. I kept telling my coworkers that I was being kidnapped because I didn’t have much to do with the planning of the trip other than selling my internal organs to get a quick passport. Family vacations are always a gamble because of my family’s dynamics. For some reason taking a vacation is the absolute most stressful thing my family can do, and this trip wasn’t exactly an exception either. That being said, even I will admit that going through customs is enough to make me never want to leave the country again (at least not to go to Mexico).

Once we actually got to our hotel rooms (which was NOT when we arrived at the hotel, btw), things mellowed out a little and everyone started enjoying themselves. The stay was nice, even though it really wasn’t worth the money my parents were paying for it. We did A LOT of walking to get to anything in the resort, but I think it was good for me to get up, get out, and get some sun (even if I had to climb hills to get to breakfast every morning :P).

The snorkeling trip on Friday was probably my favorite part of the trip, and that’s something I would love to do again. The guide was slowly dumping fish food into the water around us so that the entire snorkeling group was swimming in a large school of fish. At the end the guide managed to find a huge starfish the size of a dinner plate. I got a pretty terrible sunburn, but what’s a trip to a tropical place without a nice red, sore souvenir? XD

The Outdoors

I’ve been making an effort since March to try and be healthier and exercise more, but unfortunately I’ve been rather unmotivated lately to do much of anything. I think my trip to Mexico has rocket launched me out of the funk though. I got a lot done at work this week and managed to do my walking breaks during the day. In the past I’ve tried various exercise schedules including running on the elliptical every day for 30+ minutes without much success.

This year I’ve been focusing more on strength training and, more recently, interval training as my cardio workout. I also purchased a recumbent trike with my tax refund which I was using to toddle around my apartments on the weekends, but unfortunately that habit didn’t stick (I live on the second floor and have to tote my bike downstairs and back up every time I want to use it). I’ve contemplated getting a garage from my apartments for covered parking and to have a place to leave my bike.

Today, however, I’m going out whether I like it or not (as soon as I’m finished here of course :P).


It’s funny that I would segue from exercise into video games. About a year and a half ago my friends (much to their regret) introduced me to League of Legends. Normally PVP-based games aren’t my thing, but there was something about LoL that sucked me in entirely. It’s probably the Pokemon complex coupled with the evil Free-to-Play model that I fall prey to so easily…

The League Championship Series (LCS) is LoL’s professional gaming season that starts in January with the Spring Split and goes through October with the World Playoffs. The LCS is broken up into the North American and European series where 8 teams play 4 round robin sets over 11 weeks, followed up by a playoff between the top 6 teams, and then relegation matches for the 6th-8th teams against up-and-coming amateur Challenger teams. I started watching last year during the World Playoffs and have been avidly following this season’s games.

It’s no secret among the people who know me that I’m a huge Fnatic fan. xPeke (Fnatic’s mid laner) was one of the first streamers I ever watched in Twitch. I love watching them do well in their matches (which they usually do). RobertxLee was another one of the streamers I watched in the very beginning, so it was also really exciting to see them make it in the Challenger league and win their way into the LCS. They’ve had a very interesting split as well, taking at least one game off of nearly every other team. I really hope they get to stick around for season 5 :)

Looking forward though… Next week will be the Summer Split Playoffs where the top three teams from each region (EU/NA) get to go to Worlds and compete against the top Asian teams from the OGN. I think the top team from each region automatically makes it into the quarterfinals, and the 2nd and 3rd place teams battle it out for one of the four remaining quarterfinal spots. I’m really rooting for C9 from NA and Fnatic from EU to make it to worlds. Both teams have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks, but I believe they can pull it off :)

So, what do you think ?