A friend of mine came up with idea for a month-long blogging initiative for August—Blaugust. Over a year ago he started trying write a post everyday to prepare him for doing Nanowrimo in November, and he’s decided to do a mini challenge this month to try and get some other bloggers in on the concept. I tried doing Nanowrimo cold last year and got about a day and a half into it before giving up XD

So I guess I’ll give this a shot and see if I have any more success with it. After all a month of blogging everyday isn’t as intimidating as a post a day for the rest of your life! I’ve been wanting to be a bit more regular with my blog, and for the most part my Chibi Friday has been pretty successful. I just didn’t think I would ever make this a blog about content so much as blurbs from my life.

In any event, I think I’m going to follow a “Big 3 Things” format where I ramble a little about the three important things on my mind for the given day (not in any particular order, I don’t think), and hopefully something entertaining comes of it :) I still plan on doing my weekly chibis, and hopefully I can pick up a few more routines while I’m at it. I’ve done some thinking on jotting down some short stories or doing some kind of roleplaying/impersonation posts just to get some creative content out there. I would definitely love to do Naniwrimo at some point; I suppose I just have to build up the writing stamina to get there.

Also, on the off chance anyone is actually reading this, here’s a link to the official post page for the Blaugust initiative and here’s the official Blaugust manifesto in case you want to get in on the fun. Happy blogging!

So, what do you think ?