Chibi Friday

I guess it’s really fortunate that I went ahead and knocked this one out over the weekend considering I had to send my tablet back on Monday.

This week’s chibi is from the game League of Legends; it’s a custom skin concept for the champion Diana. I felt like Diana needed a new skin, so I brainstormed a little bit about what to do. It had to incorporate her scythe and should probably have something to do with the moon. At some point I thought about making her a surfer and did a quick search on “night surfer” to see if that was even a thing. Turns out it totally is and involves surfing by the light of the moon with glow sticks attached to your suit and board.

This skin has glow sticks lining the wet suit as well as replacing the bands in her hair. I also fashioned her surfboard with the silhouette of her crescent scythe. I feel like this skin could fit well with their Pool Party skin set while still fitting into Diana’s overall theme :D

So, what do you think ?