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So You Want to Play FF14 Part 2.0

Like I mentioned in Part 1, every FF14 character can level up any class in the game. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you do everything on a single character. Today’s guide assumes you’ve at least gotten into the game and leveled a little bit. I’ll be going over the details of each class across […]


So You Want to Play FF14 Part 1

Since my friends and I have started playing FF14 again, I’ve been thinking about my first experience with the game. In short, FF14 is extremely complex. This is incredibly overwhelming at first, but winds up providing you with a lot to do later on. I figured I would take this opportunity to give a few […]


Wildstar Guide – Darkspire Slank Pumps

As a part of leveling up Outfitter (crafting) in Wildstar, you are asked to find the Darkspire Slank Pump Schematic to complete the Ellevar Outfitter Tech Tree node. This pattern drops off of Darkspire Hoarder Slanks in Ellevar.